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Hearse & Driver Rental for Funeral Homes

Since 1954, Johnstown Hearse Rental has focused on providing excellent hearse rental service to Eastern Ohio and West Central Pennsylvania. We started from our humble beginnings with two used hearses and six accounts. Today, we serve over 275 customers. As one of the largest hearse rental companies in Pennsylvania, our staff has more than 80 years combined experience in the funeral home industry. Dedicated to providing unmatched customer service, Johnstown Hearse Rental provides fully trained drivers to assist the funeral director during services.

Rental Pricing

Hearse Rental
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Includes 1 hour prior to service or Mass and 30 round-trip miles.

$75/hour for additional time prior to service or Mass.

$1.75/mile for mileage in excess of 30 round-trip miles.

Second Trip
Half Price
If you schedule two morning trips with the same hearse and / or two afternoon trips with the same hearse, the second AM or PM trip will be billed at half the regular price for non driver funeral homes.
Body Pickup or Delivery
Body pickup and delivery service is available from our garage in Johnstown.
Sunday / Holiday Trips
An additional charge will be billed for all Sunday and holiday trips. This applies to funerals and body pickups

Monthly statements are payable upon receipt. A 1.5 % monthly finance charge will be added to all unpaid balances over 30 days (18% annual rate).

All vehicles are covered with liability, property damage, comprehensive and collision insurance and our policy is considered primary coverage.

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